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Is it all raw fish? No, we offer a variety of rolls with vegetarian, meat, and both cooked and fresh seafood varieties. All prawn products use cooked king prawns, not crab meat or seafood extender.

Are you from Sydney? Is Sushi Koo a franchise? Sushi Koo is an owned and operated small family business established in Newcastle.

Where and when is the food made? Is it fresh each day? The food is made fresh each morning at our commercial kitchen space in Newcastle.

Do you have vegetarian options? We offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan products - both rolls and packs. See products page for more information. (All vegetarian products without mayonnaise are vegan).

Do you have gluten free options? We have a variety of gluten free products - anything without sauce/marinade or batter/crumbing is gluten free. See products page.


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